MKTG1073 - Marketing and Sales



This course will allow the student to acquire basic knowledge in the field of sales and marketing, in order to be able to make the promotion of his company and its products.


  • Understand the basic marketing concepts
  • Know the development process of a marketing strategy
  • Understand the impact of the management of relations on sales to clients
  • Know the promotion tools for a business with limited budget
  • Understand the importance of diversifying the company's revenues
  • Know market diversification strategies for the fisheries, forestry and agriculture sectors
  • Know products supply strategies at national or international level
  • Know the basics of online sales

Aperçu du contenu

  • Marketing concepts and principles
  • Marketing strategies
  • Brand name and image
  • Systematic, efficient and profitable customer relationships management
  • Promotional and marketing tools
  • Diversification of sales revenue
  • Market diversification for the fisheries, forestry and agriculture sectors
  • Products supply strategies at national or international level
  • Online sales: benefits, creating a service, order processing, payment and delivery

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