SBME - Success in Business – Fisheries, Forestry or Agriculture



This program is designed to prepare the student to acquire basic business knowledge to improve productivity and to optimize the use of existing infrastructures, making a business more stable and competitive at the provincial, national and international levels.

Program Duration

50 hours of training


  • Know microenterprise management fundamentals
  • Know microenterprise development strategies
  • Understand the basic concepts of sales and marketing
  • Understand the basic concepts of production and distribution
  • Know the basic concepts of risk management and insurance coverage
  • Know seasonal staff management techniques
  • Know the entrepreneur’s responsibilities related to the labour standards
  • Understand the basic concepts of financial management for a microenterprise

Admission Profile

Profile M
  • Have relevant work experience in the field of agriculture, forestry or fisheries
Details related to admissions:
  1. Any transcript containing adapted level or “Programme de compétences essentielles au marché du travail (PCEMT) ” courses will be subject to additional assessment.
  2. Applications from individuals 21 years or older who do not have a high school diploma will be subject to additional assessment.
  3. An individual who has completed mathematics courses prior to the new mathematics paths A, B, and C, should consult the guidance counsellor of the CCNB campus where the program is offered in order to determine eligibility toward the chosen program.
  4. The “Programme de compétences essentielles (PCE)” is a specific high school path which prepares the student for enrollment in one or several pre-established programs leading to one or more trades.
  5. The application of an individual who has obtained a high school diploma with courses from the “PCE”, and who wishes to change to another field of training, will be subject to an additional assessment.

Subject Areas

  • Business management and development
  • Production and distribution of products
  • Financial management of a microenterprise
  • Seasonal staff management
  • Insurance coverage and risk management
  • Sales and marketing

Additional Training Informations

  • The program is offered online and consists of 34 capsules (modules) which vary in length from 60 to 90 minutes.
  • The person who registers for this training program should have a basic knowledge of the Windows environment, e-mail and the Internet.

Sanction of studies

Upon successful completion of the prescribed curriculum, the student will receive a certificate of participation in Success in Business – Fisheries, Forestry or Agriculture.

Student Profile

  • This program may be of interest to the person who:
    • Runs a small business in the field of fisheries, forestry or agriculture;
    • Wishes to improve his or her company's productivity;
    • Likes to plan, lead, make decisions and co-ordinate;
    • Demonstrates initiative and leadership;
    • Is autonomous and has a sense of responsibility;

Employment Opportunity

This professional development program allows individuals to develop their knowledge and skills in the management of a small business in the field of fisheries, forestry or agriculture.

The is no group available at the present time. Please subscribe to the waiting list.

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